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ECO Farm air pruning pots trim the edges of roots when they reach the outside of the pot. They do this in a natural way by using the fact that when the roots are exposed to outside air they will stop growing in that direction and produce new healthy branch roots from the bottom of the plant.

Due to the structure of these root pruning pots, the roots will be guided to the air holes at the end of the cones, where the tips of the roots will dehydrate, or are air-pruned. The plant will react by sending out more roots to compensate the loss.

Product Advantages:

Using an air pruning pot, such as a Air pruning pot, means that your plant will have a denser root system which fills the container resulting in more nutrient uptake.

An old type plant pot encourages roots to circle around the perimeter of the pot meaning they become constricted and much of the media in the middle of the pot is left unused.

Air pruning pots result in increased root growth which means you are making the most of the space available whilst also increasing yields. The rapid build-up of a strong and dense roots system gives the grower a lot of advantages, like a shorter grow period, reduction of losses and superior plant performance.


Benefits of using air pruning pots include:

- Eliminate root circling.

- Reduce growing time.

- Simplify plant production, reduce cost

- Improve the quality of your root zone

- Suitable for using in extreme temperatures

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